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Mitel Networks is a leading-edge provider of next-generation IP communications solutions. The company creates advanced platforms and applications in the areas of speech recognition, wireless mobility, unified communications, and contact center solutions. Through direct channels and strategic technology partnerships, Mitel Networks currently serves the education, hospitality, healthcare, and government markets, providing converged communications solutions that are robust and reliable. 

Mitel Networks is an industry leader in broadband technologies. The company's successful integration of voice and data infrastructures, with patented dual-bus architecture in its IP platforms, lets communication systems easily accommodate IP, digital and analog phones and devices. Mitel Networks Integrated Communications Platforms allow enterprise customers of all sizes to seamlessly implement and/or upgrade to a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) infrastructure without sacrificing any of the features or functionality of the traditional PBX. In addition, clients also benefit from a broad range of value-added IP devices and applications. 

Mitel Networks is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, home to the company's product development, marketing, finance, and administration functions. Regional operations are located in Herndon, Virginia (US Sales), Caldicot, Wales (European headquarters); and Singapore (Asia-Pacific operations). Mitel Networks operates 71 regional facilities in the U.S., Canada, UK, Europe, and the Far East. 

Company Offerings

IP Platforms and Desktop
Mitel Networks 3100 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) delivers on Mitel Networks commitment to small enterprise, providing a business communications system, Local Area Network, and gateway to the Web, all in a single platform. The Mitel Networks 3100 ICP includes such features as integrated auto-attendant, voicemail, router and power sensitive hub, IP-based telephony, and innovative management tools and applications. 

Mitel Networks 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) provides the ultimate in feature-rich, reliable, and scalable voice-over-IP communications for the medium to large enterprise. Building on the success of the Mitel Networks 3200 ICP, the 3300 ICP is uncompromising in its voice features, and supports strategic new IP-based applications and network appliances. 

The power of Mitel Networks Integrated Communications Platforms is further harnessed through Mitel Networks 5000 series of powerful IP appliances and peripherals. Enterprise users can now take advantage of PDA integration and high-quality voice conferencing through the use of advanced IP peripherals. In addition, the introduction of intelligent desktop IP appliances allows office users to benefit from advanced telephone features and services such as integrated Web-browsing, enhanced directory management, and visual voicemail. 


Speech Recognition: The Mitel Networks 6500 series of speech-enabled applications deliver on Mitel's leadership in speech recognition. It frees users from having to remember a myriad of telephone numbers and passcodes, eliminates the frustration of dialing extensions by spelling last names, and allows users to make calls and access sophisticated telephony features simply by telling the system what to do. Mitel Networks 6500 Speech-Enabled Attendant easily integrates with Mitel Networks enterprise IP telephony and PBX platforms to support a wide range of advanced features such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration, advanced text-to-speech, and voice authentication. 

Contact Centers: Designed with feature-rich functionality, Mitel Networks 6100 Contact Center Solutions provide small-to-medium contact centers with a suite of web-centric applications and services designed to maximize return on investment. Through such intelligent features as automated call distribution and interactive voice response, the prioritizing, routing, and queuing of incoming calls is done effortlessly and efficiently. This efficiency is further built upon through the seamless integration of voice, fax, and e-mail inputs for enhanced customer service. Contact center management is vastly improved through extensive reporting and tracking capabilities that allow managers ready access to mission-critical data, that better helps them understand customer trends and needs. 

Location Independence: Enterprise users can now reap the benefits of increased wireless mobility through the Mitel Networks 3800 Wireless Applications Gateway. Users can now be reached at one office number whether they're at their desks or on the other side of the world. Additionally, through the Mitel Networks 3800 Applications Gateway, feature-rich Voice-over-IP is delivered to Symbol Technologies' Wireless LAN devices, providing increased in-building mobile access to voice and data anywhere in enterprise with functionality equal to that available at the wired desktop. 

Advanced Messaging: Mitel Networks 6500 Speech Enabled Unified Messaging is Mitel Network's Windows NT-based unified messaging solution for small and mid-size businesses. Until now, unified messaging technology has been challenged to increase productivity for users because touch-tone interfaces could not navigate or filter email inboxes efficiently. Through the successful integration with Microsoft Exchange 2000, Mitel Networks 6500 users benefit from full speech control over all of their messages. Now the promise of improved productivity and access to information becomes a reality. 

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