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Telrad Connegy


Congruency and Telrad Tenecs have jointly announced a strategic merger to create an unparalleled telecommunications equipment company that provides traditional and advanced Voice over IP systems and solutions. The agreement, unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies, creates a combined company well positioned to serve the multi-billion dollar enterprise and carrier telecommunication equipment markets.

Telrad Connegy is a large multi-national Israeli based corporation with over 50 years of Telecommunications experience. We are a key manufacturer of Telecommunications equipment in Israel, Europe and the USA offering comprehensive and complete business solutions to our customers.
Telrad Connegy has a fully owned subsidiary in the USA and has a customer base of more than 40,000 systems worldwide. Telrad Connegy develops and markets advanced Next Generation Enterprise Communications Systems including Voice over IP, IT Convergence, Enterprise Wireless Solutions, CTI Applications and Unified Messaging Solutions.
Telrad Connegy current product line includes the unite system, a family of sophisticated enterprise communications solutions aimed to fulfill the communications needs of a modern business organization.

Telrad Connegy Product Line - Overview 

Connegy' line of products is based on the unite DIGITAL system, a very sophisticated business communications solution. At the heart of this system is one of the most advanced PABXs in the world, with a clear migration path from the smallest to the largest option, and an "evergreen" strategy affording maximum utilization of the system's resources.

The members of the unite family include the 32-port SynopSys, the Digitial 818, (26 ports) the S-60 
(60 ports) the unite 128 and 384 port and the 1024-port DIGITAL-1000.

The unite system offers a range of proprietary digital telephones. The Avanti series is led by the Avanti 3025 a full duplex speakerphone which supports a 128x240 pixel graphic user interface. All 6 models feature programmable dual color LEDs, handsfree answerback, single pair wiring, hot dialpad and are wall mountable. 

A variety of network configuration options make the unite systems the ideal solution for businesses located in widespread areas. The systems offer telecommunication networking via E&M, T1, ISDN lines, including DPNSS and QSIG protocols.

These systems also provide the latest in computer-telephony integration (CTI), including support for TSAPI- and basic or expanded TAPI-compliant off-the-shelf applications. Also, they provide ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and Basic Rate Interface (BRI), as well as BRI interface for ISDN terminals.

Additional components enable the unite system to grant the modern business a full-fledged, integrated solution for all of its communications needs:

A full featured digitally integrated Voice Processing system provides a variety of voice mail, automated attendant and Unified Message features;

A sophisticated ACD package for routing and distributing incoming calls, and the Super NovaeIQ (ACD Information Query) management information and reporting software package;

A variety of IP solutions affording the possibility to connect remote telephones over IP lines, using Gateways, and integrated solutions.

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